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Despite the long-reaching effects that it has, addiction is a very personal disease. Someone who is abusing substances like prescription painkillers or alcohol is likely doing so because he or she is dealing with something that is not surface-level.

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The vast majority of people who are addicted to dangerous substances tend to grapple with a history of physical, psychological, or emotional pain, distress, or hurt. In an effort to make the negative feelings that erupted due to this pain go away, many people turn to the use of addictive substances just to obtain some form of relief. And, the longer that an individual uses substances to cope with their distress, the more likely he or she is to develop an addiction that could ultimately cost them their lives.

However, many people make the decision to get help before they reach that point. Whether someone chooses to go to an inpatient or outpatient program or attends a partial hospitalization program or an intensive outpatient program, he or she is likely going to participate in individual addiction therapy in Paducah, Kentucky. Through this specific kind of therapy, someone can begin to unravel all of the underlying causes behind his or her continued substance abuse so that he or she can move forward with recovery.

What is Individual Addiction Therapy

Our individual addiction therapy in Paducah, Kentucky occurs in a one-on-one setting between the individual and his or her therapist. Lasting for as long as the individual would like, or for the duration of his or her stay in a treatment program (if that is where he or she is getting this type of therapy), he or she will consistently work with this therapist to recognize symptoms and causes of the substance use disorder.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the therapist who is conducting the individual addiction therapy session will utilize several different approaches to treating the patient. These approaches, as stated by NIDA, include the following:

  • Acceptance

One of the most difficult parts for most is accepting that they are an addict or an alcoholic. Even when enrolled in a treatment program, many people still do not feel that they suffer from the disease of addiction. The role of the therapist during individual addiction therapy is to help the individual get to a place where he or she can not only say it out loud (e.g. “my name is Joe and I am an opioid addict”), but also accept that to be true.

  • Cravings management

Without cravings, getting clean after struggling with substance use disorder would be much easier. However, cravings are one of the things that make recovery so challenging and relapse so likely. However, when someone is receiving help at our Paducah individual addiction therapy program, he or she will be able to work with his or her therapist to develop ways that he or she can manage powerful cravings. This might include determining what decisions to make when triggered to use, how to avoid being triggered, and how to make it through periods of time where cravings are strong.

  • Motivation

Early recovery from substance abuse is often a very fragile time for an individual, which is why the therapist is focused on continually motivating him or her to keep on the right path. This can include providing different affirmations for the individual to utilize on his or her own, or regularly praising and encouraging the individual on his or her success in recovery.

  • Commitment

The therapist can play a vital role in the recovering individual’s life in a number of ways, but especially in helping instill a life-long commitment to recovery. One of the ways in which a therapist can do that through individual group therapy in Paducah is to help the individual get connected to a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous so that he or she can continue on with his or her recovery long after individual therapy has wrapped up.

Benefits Of JourneyPure’s Individual Addiction Therapy Program

Our Paducah, Kentucky individual addiction therapy program can provide endless benefits to someone who is attempting to end his or her substance use disorder for good. Outside of being able to identify the underlying causes of his or her addiction, an individual can benefit from individual addiction therapy in a number of ways that better his or her treatment outcome.

Many people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol struggle with either accepting who they are or are unaware of who they are. Participating in an individual addiction therapy program can help someone begin to discover oneself in ways that promote self-confidence, assertion, and compassion for themselves. Individual addiction therapy often serves as one of the first steps in an individual rediscovering him or herself.

Our Paducah individual addiction therapy program offers patients one-on-one time with a therapist who is not distracted by anyone else. This means that an individual is the main focus, allowing the therapist to apply specific therapeutic modalities to the individual based on what he or she needs most. This is very valuable, as this undivided attention can help facilitate a long-lasting recovery for the user.

Additionally, individual therapy allows therapists to build on the work that the individual does, work through complex psychological and emotional hang-ups, and give that person the physical space and time needed to process this major life change.

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If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, then you are well aware of just how distressing this disease can be. And while you might feel like you are alone in your struggles, you are not.

Are you ready to make the decision to get the help that you deserve? Reach out to us right now to not only participate in our individual addiction therapy program but to also engage in several other treatments and therapies designed to help you overcome your active addiction and live a happy, fulfilled life in recovery.

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