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No matter what kind of substance an individual is addicted to, it can cause extreme damage to his or her mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In the midst of experiencing consequences such as losing a job, having a falling out with family, struggling with severe mood swings, or withdrawing from others, those who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol are also slowly but surely being affected in ways that compromise the very things that make them who they are.

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For example, someone who has been abusing meth for several years might find themselves literally looking in the mirror and being unable to recognize themselves both physically and spiritually.  They might wonder what happened to them where they lost themselves along the way. Or, they might be so pained by how much their addiction has changed them that they continue to use to drown out the undeniable reality of their situation.

There are countless addiction treatment options for people who are dependent on substances like alcohol and opioids, however not all of these options implement a holistic treatment approach. However, our holistic addiction treatment in Paducah, Kentucky ensures that individuals who are looking to recover from addiction can do so through an approach that addresses their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Types Of Holistic Addiction Treatment

Our Paducah holistic addiction treatment program is most effective when it is combined into a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment plan. On its own, it has not proven to be enough to fully treat one’s addiction. However, the benefits of holistic addiction treatment are priceless, which is why there are several different types of holistic treatment available to those in need.


Yoga has been and continues to be, one of the most popular holistic treatments offered at our holistic addiction treatment program. For starters, participating in yoga helps promote mindfulness, which is the act of focusing on the present moment, rather than the past or what may occur in the future. This practice can help strengthen one’s mental and spiritual wellbeing by connecting him or her to his or her current surroundings. Additionally, yoga offers a calm yet effective workout that serves as an excellent means of exercise for people of all ages.


For centuries, acupuncture has been utilized to help relieve physical pain. Today, it is still used for that purpose, especially amongst individuals who used to utilize drugs and/or alcohol to independently cope with their pain. Instead, by seeing an acupuncturist that can insert small needles into pressure points throughout the body, an individual can obtain treatment that will improve their physical wellbeing without having to incorporate addictive medications.


Biofeedback is highly common in holistic addiction treatment, as it is a medical method of helping one understand his or her physical responses in ways that encourage him or her to be more aware of him or herself. For example, sensors will be attached to the body to measure stress responses in an effort to show the individual how much he or she becomes stressed by particular events so that he or she can work to change those behaviors for his or her wellbeing.

These are simply just a handful of the many different holistic treatments available. A holistic treatment program can also offer massage, reiki, meditation, herbal medications, and nutritional therapy.

Benefits Of Our Holistic Addiction Treatment in Paducah, Kentucky

When participating in our holistic addiction treatment in Paducah, Kentucky, individuals stand to benefit a great deal. Not only will they be simultaneously receiving other addiction treatment, but they will also be handling their wellbeing in a holistic manner, too. As a result, individuals recovering from substance use disorder can benefit in a number of ways.

Decrease in physical withdrawal

No matter what substance an individual is detoxing from, doing so can be very challenging, even if there are not many withdrawal symptoms present. For some, the cravings that come from ending use can be enough to distract them from their main goal of recovering. Our Paducah holistic addiction treatment program can help individuals utilize physical exercise and healthy eating that is capable of clearing their systems of the presence of addictive substances.

Stronger emotional balance

Many of those who are addicted to one or more substances are also grappling with symptoms of another mental health condition. When this is the case, he or she is only making his or her mental health worse by abusing drugs. However, when in holistic addiction treatment in Paducah, holistic therapies like meditation can help individuals learn how to balance their emotions in ways that help them move away from emotional distress.

A connection to a higher power

The majority of addiction treatment programs are not religious; rather they support individuals establishing a higher power of their own understanding. Usually done through 12-Step treatment, individuals can work to uncover what their higher power is, which in turn, will help them start feeling humbled by their standing in the universe and grateful for what they have and how far they have come. Instilling this type of spiritual fabric into one’s overall wellbeing can help him or she stays connected something bigger than him or herself.

Heal Through Our Holistic Addiction Treatment Program in Paducah

Struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol can be extremely challenging, and sometimes even soul-crushing. While you might want to stop your addiction, it might not be as easy as you think, and it can cause you to keep using in an attempt to avoid feeling physically, psychologically, or emotionally overwhelmed. While this is understandable, it does not mean that it is something that you should remain trapped in. By reaching out for help, you can break this cycle of abuse and find ways to start rebuilding yourself to reflect the kind of person that you want to be.

The very thought of addiction treatment might have you feeling like you want to run. However, taking the time to stop and consider just how much our holistic addiction treatment program can help you can make a world of a difference. If you are ready to stop abusing drugs and/or alcohol, contact us right now. We can help.