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Having a loved one who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol can stir up several deep emotions ranging from disgust and resentment to heartbreak and sadness. Addiction doesn’t just affect the addict, it affects the entire family.

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This is why it is often referred to as a family disease. When watching someone you love continue to do something to him or herself that only produces negative outcomes can be mind-boggling, and it can be difficult to understand just how and why he or she keeps using no matter what anyone says to them. Chances are there have been many efforts made to help a loved one who is struggling with substance use disorder, however, those efforts may not have worked. And, when extensive effort goes into helping someone who does not appear to want to help him or herself, anger and hostility can set in.

As these emotions of agitation and distress grow on both sides, families can find themselves split right down the middle. Not only is everyone in the family likely experiencing tension with the individual who is addicted, but that tension might be occurring between other members of the family. For example, one family member might be actively enabling the user, which agitates another family member. As a result, these two family members might begin arguing with one another in addition to arguing with the user. And, as these types of situations and breakdowns continue to develop, the entire family unit can be in disarray and unrecognizable to what it used to be.

Thankfully, there is family therapy for addiction in Paducah, Kentucky, which can help families experiencing situations just like this and more get the help they need to begin to function as one again.

What Is Family Therapy for Addiction?

A Paducah, Kentucky family therapy program is a specific kind of therapy that focuses on helping all members of the family, including the addict or alcoholic, resolve negative issues and situations that have led to family conflict. This type of therapy includes a therapist and members of the family.

In general, the goal of family addiction therapy in Paducah is to improve everyone’s relationships with one another and as a whole. However, there are several different models offered in our family therapy for addiction.

The Family Disease Model

Often regarded as the most popular type of family addiction therapy, the family disease model is highly effective. This specific type of model focuses on how addiction is a disease that impacts everyone it touches, even those who are not actively abusing drugs and/or alcohol. For example, when addiction is occurring within a family, some family members might become enablers (meaning that they do things that continue to promote the individual’s substance use disorder) while others might shut out the user entirely. The overarching goal of the family disease model is to look at addiction as something that can be managed through changes in the behaviors of everyone involved, not just the individual who is using.

The Family Systems Model

For some, attending a family therapy program can be eye-opening in that it truly shows just how much the family changes when a family member has a substance use disorder. Therefore, a therapist will provide family members with several different modalities that encourage strong skills and behaviors that are healthy as opposed to unhealthy. These skills are designed to help the family behave in a corrective manner as opposed to a destructive manner when the substance abuser is participating in negative behaviors.

Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy

Family therapy for addiction in Paducah, KY can provide families with cognitive behavioral therapy, which has proven to work tremendously well for individuals in recovery. This type of family therapy helps all members of the family identify their negative behaviors and work to modify them so they are positive. Through cognitive-behavioral family therapy, conflict resolution and eradicating self-destructive thinking patterns are implemented so that the whole family can begin to heal.

Benefits Of Our Family Therapy in Paducah

Family is very important, as it is a strong part of who someone is. When the family is out of order because of one’s issues, real damage can be done. In order to preserve the foundation of the family, it can be necessary to participate in family therapy in Paducah in order to maintain some semblance of unity. And while it might take a while to do so, every ounce of effort that is put into one’s family will hopefully make a big difference.

One of the most beneficial aspects of our family therapy in Paducah is that it brings together families who have experienced struggles in an environment where a trained professional can help them sort through their emotions. This allows family members to do this a safe and healthy setting where arguing can be better controlled and guidance can be provided so that effective resolutions can be determined.

Family addiction therapy can also educate all members of the family on addiction and just how deeply it can impact them. Through education can come compassion for one another, which is an emotion that is helpful in increasing acceptance and willingness to change. It can also promote understanding so that no matter how angry an individual is at another, he or she can begin to relate to others in the family.

The most important benefit that can come from our Paducah, Kentucky family therapy is the development of trust, respect, and strong communication skills, all of which can improve the dynamic of the entire family.

Heal Through Our Family Therapy in Paducah, Kentucky

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, there is help available at our addiction treatment center. Family therapy for addiction is just one of the many ways in which families can obtain the appropriate help needed to overcome the many challenges associated with addiction.

When you or a loved one is ready to reach out for treatment, call us immediately. We can provide you with several services, including family therapy, that can help you and your family recover from the devastating disease of addiction.

So, do not let one more day go by. Reach out and contact our Paducah, Kentucky family addiction therapy right now to get the help that you deserve. We can help.