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Today, addiction is one of the most widely discussed problems throughout the country. Millions of people are abusing prescription painkillers and illicit opioids alone, not to mention the millions of people abusing other substances ranging from Adderall and Xanax to cocaine and meth. Many people are still, despite there being valid science behind it, convinced that addiction is a choice, which is why they approach someone with a substance use disorder as if they can just stop using but choose not to.

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If treating addiction were as simple as telling someone to never use drugs ever again, then there would be no need for the several different treatment approaches that are available for those who want to recover from the depths of addiction.

To date, there has never been any other better way to treat addiction other than through JourneyPure’s evidence-based addiction treatment in Paducah, Kentucky options combined with medication (when necessary). Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing disease of the brain, meaning that like other common diseases, it needs to be treated through means that have proven to work, not by simply stopping use.

Thankfully, there is our evidence-based addiction treatment in Paducah that can provide individuals who are striving to recover from substance use disorders with the appropriate, professional care. Our addiction treatment is the care that most recovering users need, as these treatments have specifically shown to properly treat those with several different substance use disorders.

Types of Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

When someone is addicted to a substance like alcohol or marijuana, he or she is going to require treatment that meets his or her unique needs. The kind of evidence-based care that someone will receive will be determined based on what kind of substance/substances he or she was using, is he or she has an underlying mental health condition, and how much his or her addiction has impacted those around him or her. Fortunately, there are countless evidence-based treatments that are offered in treatment centers across the United States.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is also known as CBT, is one of the most widely used evidence-based treatments in the world, as it is known to help in the treatment of substance use disorders. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is lead by a therapist who can help individuals identify negative thinking and behavioral patterns and relate them to their emotional reactions. After making this connection, individuals are then challenged to change their behaviors and thinking patterns to reflect positivity in an attempt that their emotional reactions will follow.

  • Contingency management

Contingency management like the kind we offer at our evidence-based addiction treatment in Paducah, Kentucky offers individuals rewards upon making achievements in their recovery process. For example, each time someone passes a drug test, he or she will be rewarded with something such as a gift card or cash. This motivational approach helps individuals continue to work towards their treatment goals so that they minimize their risk of relapse.

  • Motivational enhancement therapy

Also known as motivational interviewing, motivational enhancement therapy is an evidence-based treatment that helps those recovering from addiction find and maintain the motivation to keep moving along on their road to recovery. One of the ways in which this is done is by helping individuals resolve their feelings of uncertainty in order to develop strong internal motivation.

  • 12-Step facilitation therapy

For alcoholics and addicts alike, the 12-Steps are deeply rooted in their recovery, as it has not only been provided in their initial treatment but also through support groups such as Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous. The 12 Steps serve as a guideline for recovering individuals to follow so that they can maintain their abstinence in the presence of others. Through this type of therapy, recovering individuals can determine a higher power, work through their wrongdoings, develop accountability, and adopt new ways to navigate life without turning to the abuse of substances.

  • Family therapy

It comes as no surprise that an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is going to affect more people than just the user. In fact, when someone finally reaches out for help, it is often because his or her family encouraged him or her to do so. And while our evidence-based addiction treatment can help individuals overcome their personal struggles with addiction, it is also important that other evidence-based treatments can be applied to the family of the user so that they, too, can begin recovering. Family therapy can help everyone impacted by the addiction sort through the destruction of this disease, develop new ways to cope with stress, and determine how to move forward with one another now that the dust has settled.

Benefits of Our Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment in Paducah

Our evidence-based addiction treatment in Paducah has proven to be highly beneficial for those who willingly participate. Not only can evidence-based treatment help individuals get to the core of their personal addiction, but it can also help those around him or her get the care that they need, too.

When participating in our Paducah evidence-based addiction treatment, individuals will find that they will benefit from these approaches in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Less likelihood for relapse
  • Changes to negative thinking patterns
  • Increased motivation to stay sober
  • Improved family relationships

These are simply just a few of the many benefits that our evidence-based addiction treatment in Paducah, Kentucky can provide for individuals recovering from addiction.

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If you are grappling with a substance use disorder and do not know how to stop using, reach out and ask for help. Doing so will not only get you connected to the right people, but it will also help you get started on a road to recovery that does not include the continued abuse of dangerous substances.

Our evidence-based addiction treatment in Paducah, KY can help you or someone you love finally end a substance use disorder for good. There is no reason to keep using, and the sooner that use ends, the more likely you or a loved one are to living a happy, healthy life.

So, do not wait one more second. Reach out to JourneyPure today that will help turn your life around.