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Prescription drugs, such as stimulants, painkillers, and benzodiazepines, have provided countless benefits to individuals who grapple with conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, chronic pain, and anxiety disorders.

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When used as prescribed, these medications can help to effectively treat these conditions when combined with therapeutic elements. However, these prescription medications can also be highly addictive when they are used outside of prescribed guidelines or misused for recreational purposes.

It has been reported that roughly 52 million Americans have used prescription drugs for purposes unintended at least one time in their lives. Many of those individuals include those who abuse prescription drugs recreationally. And, prescription painkillers top the list of the most commonly abused prescription drugs in the country. In fact, 99% of the world’s Vicodin consumption occurs within the United States, as does 80% of the world’s Percocet and OxyContin use.

With more and more people being prescribed prescription drugs for several mental and physical health conditions, it comes as no surprise that the rates of prescription drug abuse are rising throughout America. Also, the misconception that prescription drugs are safer to use than illicit drugs has also fueled the increase in prescription drug abuse rates in the country.

Thankfully, there are several treatment options available for those who are in need of professional addiction treatment. One of those options includes our prescription drug rehab in Paducah, Kentucky, which provides those looking to recover from prescription drug addiction the many levels of care they need in order to begin recovering. For most, the first step of treatment includes detoxification, better known as “detox”.


Detox is the process of removing any and all dangerous substances like prescription drugs from an individual’s system so that the threats that these drugs can cause are stopped. Additionally, detox allows patients to obtain a clear state of body and mind so they can move forward with further treatment at our prescription drug rehab in Paducah.

The detox process will be different for each patient, as his or her experience will depend on how much he or she was using, how long he or she was using for, and how frequently he or she was using. His or her process of detox will also be dependent on the kind of prescription drug that he or she was abusing. For example, the abuse of painkillers like Percocet or Vicodin can cause a patient to experience a detox that comes with several physically painful symptoms that require medication-assisted treatment. A patient who detoxes from benzodiazepines like Ativan or Xanax is at increased risk of having seizures, which means that he or she will require a strong medical presence. And, those ending their stimulant drug addiction may find that they suffer from extreme exhaustion and fatigue.

Whichever prescription drug or drugs a patient is detoxing from, the team at our prescription drug rehab in Paducah will provide both medical and psychiatric care so that patients will be in the safest hands possible during this difficult time.

Therapies Offered At Our Prescription Drug Rehab 

When detox has been completed and symptoms can be easily managed, patients will begin the therapeutic component of their treatment at our prescription drug rehab in Paducah. Again, some therapies are better suited for others based on their own personal backgrounds and the types of prescription drugs they have been abusing, however, some of the most basic, commonly utilized therapies used include the following:

Individual therapy

Probably the most commonly utilized therapy in all of addiction treatment, individual therapy focuses on providing one-on-one time between a patient and a therapist so that the most important underlying issues related to the prescription drug addiction can be identified and addressed. The therapist can provide additional therapies within the individual therapy sessions, such as cognitive behavioral therapy if he or she sees fit.

Group therapy

With the intent of helping all patients in recovery build a strong support system amongst one another, group therapy is helpful in a number of ways. Not only can patients participate in therapy with one another, but they can also learn from each other along the way, thus expanding the benefits they receive from this popular therapeutic modality.

Family therapy

Without a doubt, a prescription drug addiction is something that impacts the entire family. In many cases, patients come to rehab with several different familial issues that need ironing out. Therefore, a therapist will work with both the patient and his or her family to address these issues, develop stronger bonds, and help build a new plan for going forward.

Several other therapies we provide, include experiential therapy (e.g., equine therapy and art therapy), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and 12-Step programming.


Our prescription drug addiction rehab center values aftercare as much as any other part of the recovery process, as leaving a program with no plan on how to continue achieving success can lead to relapse. Therefore, our team will work collectively with the patient to develop an aftercare plan that suits him or her best.

In general, an aftercare plan is going to help an individual determine the basics in his or her life, such as where he or she will live, what he or she will do for work, and whom he or she will associate with. Additionally, this plan can include specifics, such as a recommendation to attend daily Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, find a therapist, or begin participating in local activities. An aftercare plan is just as unique as the individual’s treatment plan.

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