Methadone Rehab

Methadone is an opioid-based medication that has been utilized in medication-assisted treatment programs for decades.

Designed to help individuals taper off of stronger, more potent opioids like heroin and prescription painkillers, methadone is proven effective in helping those in recovery achieve sobriety – however only when it is used as prescribed and taken under the close supervision of a professional. Methadone, despite being used to help treat addiction, is addictive itself, but only when it is abused.

You might be thinking, if methadone is only used in treatment facilities, then how come so many people are addicted to it? Well, methadone has not only been prescribed to those who are involved in an addiction treatment program, but also those who are struggling with chronic pain. Originally thinking that using methadone in this capacity would serve as a better option, as this opioid is not nearly as addictive as others, doctors prescribed countless people with methadone for pain management. And, what studies have shown is that those people are also at increased risk for becoming addicted to methadone despite its lesser potency. 

Methadone, in general, is a long-acting drug. This means that both those in recovery from opioid addiction and those who are struggling with chronic pain reap the effects of methadone for up to two days after use. Continued use of methadone can cause a build-up of this substance in the system, which increases one’s chances of overdose, never mind addiction.

Thankfully, methadone addiction can be treated, just as addictions like other opioids can. At our methadone addiction rehab center in Paducah Kentucky, those striving to get their lives back on track can do so.

Evaluation For Our Methadone Addiction Rehab Center In Paducah Kentucky

Making the decision to reach out and get help is the most courageous and important step that one can take in his or her journey towards recovery. Upon entering our Paducah Kentucky methadone addiction rehab center, an individual will meet with staff that will help conduct an in-depth evaluation. The evaluation is designed to better understand the client’s background so that the appropriate treatment can be provided. Some questions that might be asked during this evaluation can include the following: 

  • How much methadone is being abused and how frequently is it being abused?
  • How long has the methadone abuse been going on for?
  • Are other substances being abused with the methadone?
  • Have there been previous attempts at addiction treatment?
  • Are any other physical and/or mental health conditions occurring?

These are just an example of some of the questions that one might be asked when entering into our methadone addiction rehab center in Paducah Kentucky. At this time, the client will be guided through this process while staff members ensure his or her comfort.


Detox, which a supervised process where individuals who are addicted to drugs can taper off of them in a safe, controlled manner, is often a necessary beginning step in one’s addiction treatment – especially when one is addicted to methadone.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is one way to address one’s methadone addiction. While it might seem counterintuitive to provide a prescription medication to someone who is addicted to a prescription medication, the evidence behind doing so supports great success. While methadone itself will not be used to wean an individual out of his or her abuse, other medications, like buprenorphine and L-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM), can be used. In addition to those medications, some psychiatric medications can be provided that help with the symptoms of co-occurring disorders and/or the psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal.

While it typically depends on the user’s unique relationship with methadone, detox can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks. After that time, he or she will transition into more emotionally focused care by participating in several different therapeutic treatment modalities.


While many people go through the detox process and go right back to his or her everyday lives, several others continue on with their care by participating in therapies designed to treat the entire disease of addiction.

  • Individual therapy

Regardless of where an individual goes to obtain his or her treatment, it is likely that he or she will participate in individual therapy sessions with a therapist or counselor. At a Paducah Kentucky methadone addiction rehab center, individuals will work with a therapist to focus on themselves and how methadone addiction and any untreated mental health conditions have impacted them. Through several sessions, clients can begin to pinpoint the big issues and the therapist can develop plans of action to treat them. As these sessions continue, the therapist can provide a number of different therapies as he/she sees fit, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma treatment (e.g. EMDR).

  • Group therapy

Just as popular as individual therapy is group therapy, and partaking in both simultaneously can be very beneficial for someone attempting to end his or her methadone addiction for good. Group therapy encompasses the idea of gathering individuals together who have shared in similar experiences in an effort to bring about positive change and growth in recovery. A therapist will guide each group therapy session through several different topics during the duration of one’s time spent at a methadone rehab in Paducah. One of the greatest benefits of group therapy is that it can bond clients together in ways that allow them to support one another along the way.

Aftercare Plans At JourneyPure’s Paducah Kentucky Methadone Addiction Rehab Center

Treatment does not just stop when a client leaves a methadone addiction rehab center in Paducah Kentucky. Instead, prior to his or her departure, the staff will work collaboratively with the client to develop a strong and detailed aftercare plan that will continually support his or her lasting recovery. This might include the professional recommendations to continue to see a therapist, as well as go to local support groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Other aspects of an aftercare plan can be simpler, such as setting a daily schedule for oneself or finding sober ways to have fun.

Get Professional Help At Our Methadone Addiction Rehab Center In Paducah Kentucky

Regardless of how far along you are in your methadone addiction, it is never too early or too late to reach out for help.

If you are prepared to put a stop to your addiction, we can help you.

There is hope. Contact our methadone addiction rehab center in Paducah Kentucky right now.

Get the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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