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For decades, crack has been one of the most commonly abused substances in the United States, as it is not only extremely cheap, but it is also readily available. Despite popular belief, crack is not the same as cocaine. Crack is made by combining cocaine, water, and baking soda together, boiling it and letting it cool. Once cooled, it becomes solid, and individuals break it down into “rocks” prior to smoking it.

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When someone abuses crack, he or she experiences similar effects like those produced by abusing cocaine, however, the high that develops is shorter. And, the health risks can be more dangerous as they are not only smoking cocaine but also baking soda and other unidentified chemicals. It is not uncommon for an individual to abuse crack for the first time and lose their life as a result, nor is it uncommon for someone to experience severe heart-related complications brought on by their abuse.

Unfortunately, crack is incredibly addictive, and even those who want to end their abuse often do not, simply because when they are not using, they feel depressed. Or when they minimize how much they use, they begin suffering from painful withdrawal symptoms. However, the best and most effective way to treat an addiction to crack is to seek professional treatment that offers comprehensive care. Thankfully, our crack rehab in Paducah can provide that treatment.


Our crack rehab in Paducah can help crack users with their very first step of the recovery process – detox. While not everyone who abuses drugs requires detox, many of those who are addicted to cocaine do, specifically because of the physical and emotional side effects that tend to develop over time.

Detox is the process of clearing the body of toxic substances like crack so that an individual can be rid of addictive drugs and prepared to participate in further treatment. When someone is detoxing from crack, he or she can experience several withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, cravings, mood swings, and vivid dreams. And while these symptoms are concerning, there are two other withdrawal symptoms that can be much more dangerous – suicidal thoughts and depression.

During detox, psychiatric professionals are on-hand to provide the appropriate mental health care to those detoxing from crack. This care can include supplying them with helpful coping skills and prescribing medications that can help even out brain chemistry during this difficult time. The greatest benefit of detoxing at a Paducah Kentucky crack addiction rehab center is that there is clinical supervision around-the-clock, which helps those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts and depression cope with these symptoms effectively and safely.

Therapies Offered At Our Crack Rehab in Paducah

Once an individual has detoxed and is stabilized, he or she can begin participating in several different therapies that are offered at our crack rehab in Paducah. Many of the therapies that are provided are capable of helping patients address the underlying causes of their crack addictions so that effective healing can begin. Our rehab center can help patients begin to make positive changes in their lives by including them in the following therapies:

Individual therapy

Those who are recovering from crack addiction can benefit from spending one-on-one time with a therapist. During this time, the patient and the therapist can work together to identify major issues and develop ways to appropriately manage them. Also, individual therapy can provide a patient with the freedom to share information about him or herself in a manner that he or she never has before.

Group therapy

Group therapy is an extremely effective way to get patients working together towards the common goals of sobriety and long-term recovery. Sessions will be lead by a therapist who will provide several topics of discussion that can help the group collectively begin to heal and bond with one another.

Family therapy

There is no doubt that the family of someone who is addicted to crack has been affected by this addiction, too. At our crack addiction rehab center in Paducah Kentucky, families are invited to participate in family therapy sessions, which are designed to help all involved build trust, respect, and compassion for one another again.

Other common therapies offered at our crack rehab in Paducah include cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management, and experiential therapy.

Aftercare Programs

When the time comes for an individual to transition back into his or her everyday life, it is important that he or she has a plan to maintain his or her recovery. Working in collaboration with the staff, the patient can begin to build an aftercare plan that works with his or her own recovery goals. Staff members are likely to make certain recommendations, such as what support groups to go to, what kind of living situation one should obtain, and who he or she should avoid spending time with. Devising a plan with our team will not only provide a roadmap for a patient who is new to recovery, but it will also support him or her as he or she exposes him or herself to the rest of the world for the very first time as a sober individual.

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If you are addicted to crack, there is nothing to be ashamed about. You might feel as though you cannot reach out for help because you are embarrassed or fearful of what others might think. However, nothing should ever stand in the way of getting yourself the help that you deserve.

At our crack rehab in Paducah, Kentucky, we can help you make the moves necessary to overcome your active addiction and begin living a life of recovery. We know how overwhelming it might seem to reach out for help, however, we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

So, if you are considering getting help for your crack addiction, contact us today. You do not need to spend one more day abusing a substance that has the potential to take your life from you. Contact us right now. We can help.