Cocaine Rehab

Out of all the illicit substances in the world, cocaine is by far one of the most prevalent. Not only is cocaine extremely common here in the United States, but it also dominates in other countries such as Mexico and Colombia. Today, more than 1.5 million people ages 12 and older are abusing and/or are addicted to cocaine.

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When abused, cocaine produces a very intense high that causes individuals to feel extremely euphoric and energized. However, that high only lasts about 20 minutes, and coming down from it can be depressing. To avoid feeling that way, most individuals addicted to cocaine just keep “bumping” it in order to stay high. Because this is commonly how people abuse cocaine (even when done recreationally) addictions develop very quickly, as tolerance builds and dependence occurs. Unfortunately, attempting to stop abusing cocaine can be extremely challenging, like those who abuse it want to maintain their high and avoid painful withdrawal symptoms such as lethargy, sweating, cravings, and vomiting.

Unfortunately, the continuation of cocaine abuse can lead to severe physical and psychological consequences. For example, those who abuse cocaine are at increased risk for cardiovascular problems up to and including heart failure and heart attack, as well as mental health conditions like depression. And, the longer that an individual waits to obtain treatment for cocaine addiction, the more likely he or she is to suffer from these or other consequences to his or her wellbeing.

Thankfully, our cocaine rehab in Paducah can provide individuals with several different modalities of care that they need in order to make a full recovery from cocaine addiction. For many, that recovery begins with detox.


Detox is the process of ridding the body of all toxic substances like cocaine in order for the individual to be physically and psychologically prepared for the rest of the treatment process. Our cocaine rehab in Paducah offers detox services so that those addicted to cocaine can safely end their dependence in a secure, supervised environment.

One of the most common risks associated with cocaine withdrawal is the heightened likelihood of suicide. When abused, cocaine becomes responsible for triggering dopamine release within one’s body. As a result, the body’s natural dopamine production is severely diminished, sometimes to the point where the body never goes back to producing dopamine at the same levels as prior to the cocaine addiction. Therefore, during the early stages of detox, individuals can seriously struggle with suicidal thoughts, tendencies, and behaviors to the point where they may follow through with suicidal actions. However, when supervised at our cocaine rehab center, patients can receive the appropriate psychiatric care that will prevent these symptoms from becoming as pervasive.

Therapies Used At Our Cocaine Rehab in Paducah

When an individual has completed his or her detox, he or she can then begin participating in therapy to treat the underlying issues pertaining to addiction. Several different treatment modalities are used in the treatment of cocaine addiction, such as behavioral therapy and family therapy. However, some of the specific forms of therapies used more often than not in the treatment of one’s cocaine addiction can include contingency management and motivational interviewing.

Contingency management

It is no secret that abusing a drug like cocaine provides instant gratification and significant “reward” when a high is produced. Even after the user has stopped abusing cocaine, he or she is still likely to respond to that sense of reward, however, our cocaine addiction rehab center in Paducah Kentucky can help him or her do so in a positive manner. That’s where contingency management comes in.

Contingency management is a form of treatment that provides individuals with rewards every time he or she accomplishes a goal in his or her recovery. Some common goals include passing drug tests or showing positive behaviors.

Motivational interviewing

As previously mentioned before, it is common for patients to experience suicidal effects after ending their cocaine addiction. And with those effects often comes a lack of motivation to do anything good for themselves. Motivational interviewing is an excellent therapeutic resource for those rehabbing from cocaine addiction, as it works to help patients steer clear from things that aid in their lack of motivation (like negative thinking) and guide them towards accessing motivation to accomplish their goals.

In addition to contingency management and motivational interviewing, many patients at our cocaine rehab in Paducah can benefit from traditional therapies, such as individual, family, group, and experiential therapies.

Aftercare Programs

When entering into our cocaine rehab center, patients are not usually thinking of what they will do with themselves when they get out. However, the time will come where they finish their program and will need guidance on how to proceed.

At our cocaine rehab in Paducah, staff members will work with patients to establish specific aftercare plans that will support to continued success in recovery. Some of these plans will include figuring out a patient’s living situation, his or her employment status, and how he or she will continue to incorporate their recovery into their lives. By the time a patient leaves our treatment center, he or she will be ready to begin the next chapter of his or her life.

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If you are addicted to cocaine, you know that continuing to abuse this illicit drug is causing damage to your wellbeing. And while you might know this, it can be extremely complicated to stop, as the disease of addiction can make it seem more important to use that to get help. However, if you are addicted to cocaine, there is a way out.

By contacting JourneyPure’s cocaine rehab in Paducah, you can begin to make your active addiction a thing of the past and work towards a happier, healthier life. You do not need to waste one more second abusing cocaine. Reach out to us right now. We can help you get your life back on track.