Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is a substance that is widely used throughout the United States. It is incorporated in celebrations such as weddings and birthdays, highly associated with vacations and travel, and even regarded as a part of everyday life, as several people and their families include it into their meals. And while many people are able to drink alcohol responsibly, there are others who are not able to do so.

Break Free From Alcohol Abuse Today

When someone is addicted to alcohol, which is known as having an alcohol use disorder, he or she cannot simply have a drink or two at dinnertime. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), someone who struggles with alcohol use disorder has a “persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control alcohol use”, meaning that the casual consumption of alcohol is not possible. Instead, someone with alcohol use disorder is more likely to continue to drink one he or she starts.

Intake and Evaluation At Our Alcohol Rehab Center

When an individual makes the decision to get professional help for his or her alcohol use disorder, he or she is going to go through several different steps prior to getting sober and living in recovery. That first step includes intake and evaluation at our alcohol rehab in Paducah, Kentucky

When arriving at our alcohol rehab center, individuals will be warmly greeted and welcomed to the facility. From there, they will work with admissions counselors to input all basic information. After that, the individual will go through an assessment that is designed to evaluate him or her so that his or her needs can be met.

During an assessment, the individual will be asked several questions regarding his or her relationship with alcohol. For example, one might be asked the following questions:

– How long has the abuse of alcohol been occurring?
– Are there any diagnosed mental health conditions?
– Are there any physical health conditions?
– How much alcohol is consumed regularly?
– What kinds of withdrawal symptoms are experienced?
– Has there been any attempt at treatment before?

These are just some of the questions that might be asked during one’s evaluation. During this time, the staff is doing everything in their power to be sure that they are well informed regarding the patient’s needs so that an individualized treatment program can be provided for him or her. Once this evaluation has been completed, individual’s can begin their first step of treatment, which in many cases, may include detox.

Therapy At Our Alcohol Rehab in Paducah

The majority of one’s alcohol treatment will include a variety of different therapies and treatments designed to help him or her address the underlying causes and issues related to his or her alcohol use disorder. An alcohol addiction rehab center in Paducah Kentucky has several therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists available and ready to provide care so that all individuals who come for treatment can benefit from the many different therapies supplied. Two of the most commonly utilized therapies include individual and group therapy.

Individual Therapy and Group Therapy

Individual therapy occurs between the patient and a therapist in a private setting. The therapist will work with the patient to get to know and better understand his or her history and alcohol use disorder so that he or she can provide the most effective care. Most therapists include cognitive behavioral therapy into the individual therapy sessions, which is a form of therapy where an individual is asked to identify his or her negative patterns of thinking and behaving and finding ways to change them in ways that promote positivity.

Group therapy is also a place where cognitive behavioral therapy can be applied. Within this type of therapy at our Paducah alcohol rehab, patients will work with each other in a more public setting. A therapist will lead the group therapy session with an exercise designed to help everyone involved grow and develop new skills helpful in keeping them in recovery. Through group therapy, patients can begin to bond with one another and utilize each other for support during this process.


When a patient comes to the end of his or her treatment, he or she will transition back into his or her everyday life – and that can be overwhelming.

Therefore, our alcohol rehab center in Paducah, KY will help each patient develop a strong aftercare plan that will help them maintain their recovery and continue to grow outside of treatment. Staff members and the patient will work together to determine things such as how many Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings should he or she attend a week, how can he or she prevent triggers and/or manage them when they occur, and what are the first things he or she should do upon returning home. These are just some of the details included in aftercare plans that can help an individual feel prepared and stable enough to begin his or her new, recovered life.

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If you are struggling with alcohol use disorder, you are not alone. Reach out to our alcohol rehab center in Paducah, Kentucky right now to get the help that you deserve.

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