Drug Treatment in Paducah, Kentucky

Drug addiction is an extremely complex disease to live with, especially when it goes untreated. When someone is addicted to a drug like heroin, cocaine, or fentanyl, he or she will suffer physical and psychological symptoms of that use. Depending on the substance that is being abused, individuals addicted to drugs can experience respiratory problems, cardiac complications, vital organ damage, severe mood swings, suicidal ideations, and even death. They might also struggle with personal and professional problems, such as unemployment and increased familial conflict. There is truly no limit as to what effects an individual can experience when addicted to drugs. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reports that in 2014 alone, 21.5 million Americans ages 12 and older had a substance use disorder. More than 7 million of those individuals had a drug use disorder. And, one out of eight individuals with a drug use disorder also had a simultaneous alcohol use disorder.

Intake and Evaluation

The evaluation that an individual will have upon entering our drug treatment center in Paducah will help the staff better understand his or her needs, as well as be informed of his or her background, physical and psychological health, and most pressing concerns. Some of the questions that staff members might ask during an evaluation can include, however, are not limited to, the following:

– How many drugs are being abused?
– How much of the drugs are being abused?
– Is there a mental health condition occurring?
– Is there a physical health problem present?
– Have there been other attempts at treatment?
– What symptoms are being experienced when not using?

The staff will take the answers to these questions and utilize them to develop a unique treatment plan for the individual. This treatment plan will help provide the patient with a better idea of how long he or she might be staying and what he or she will be doing while in our drug treatment program.

Tailored Treatment

For example, many individuals addicted to opioids (e.g. heroin, fentanyl, OxyContin) will be provided with medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This type of treatment utilizes proven prescription medications such as buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone to help curb painful withdrawal symptoms and strong cravings for continued use. Our drug treatment program in Paducah will ensure that professionals administer these medications and have a plan to taper them prior to the individual leaving the treatment program.

Other individuals simply just need time and space to detox. Some drugs cause extreme exhaustion, nausea, and disturbed concentration, which can easily be managed through over-the-counter medications and a comfortable bed to rest in.

Once an individual has finished detox, he or she will then begin participating in therapies designed to help them handle the mental and emotional causes and effects of drug addiction.


Drug addiction is far from just being a disease that impacts one’s physical wellbeing. Instead, being addicted to drugs can completely alter one’s entire psychological health, as well as jeopardize their spirit. We provide several different evidence-based therapies that are effective in helping individuals identify the issues that have caused their drug addiction and those that have developed in response to it. By working with therapists and other individuals in recovery, one can truly benefit from a combination of therapeutic treatment modalities.

The very foundation of therapy in our program is individual therapy. Individual therapy is a one-on-one type of therapy that includes the patient and the therapist. These two will work together in a private environment and utilize traditional talk therapy to begin the healing process. The therapist will gather information on the patient and utilize it to help guide him or her along in the process of recovery. The therapist might also implement other kinds of therapies into individuals therapy sessions, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), to meet the needs of the patient.


The ability to recover in a professional drug treatment center is an amazing benefit for anyone trying to get sober. And while there are several benefits to being involved in our treatment program in Paducah, the time will come when individuals will move out of this treatment setting and back into their regular lives. For many, this can be extremely intimidating. We ensure that prior to a patient’s departure, he or she has a solid aftercare plan put in place.

An aftercare plan is exactly what – a plan for after. Going from a drug treatment program to everyday life can be jarring, especially when it is unknown what one’s new normal will be. However, an aftercare plan can serve as a roadmap for this time in one’s recovery.

Along with staff members, an individual will work to develop an aftercare plan that is not only attainable but also effective in keeping him or her on the right track to long-term recovery.

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